In a world where every surface could be contagious, it has become imperative to have better health and safety standards than ever. Clean by Checkmate has stepped into the market to help retailers and store operators prove their premises’ hygiene by combining high visibility posters with digitised app-based controls to ensure cleanliness is visible and at the front of mind for both staff and customers worldwide.

Powering Clean is the Checkmate Solution, which provides independent & auditable proof that inspections and cleaning have occurred at the time and frequency expected to achieve a high standard. The signage and placement of the Checkmate LED device in a prominent place which customers can see gives transparency about a premises’ cleaning operations.

Having a Clean by checkmate System says: “I want our customers to be reassured that strict hygiene protocols are being followed and that you can trust us.”​



Developed over two years ago in Auckland, New Zealand, Checkmate has become the leading system for proving safety and compliance. Utilising NFC technology, Checkmate users scan a Checkmate tag to bring a checklist to their hand-held device and complete the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This may be a cleaning process, a pre-start equipment inspection, or many other compliance requirements.

The Checkmate system provides proof that the right compliance event (e.g. cleaning process) did occur at the right place, at the right time by the right person.