​The Checkmate system provides the independent, auditable proof that inspections and cleaning have occurred at the time and frequency expected to achieve a high standard.

The signage and placement of the Checkmate LED device in a prominent place which customers can see, gives the transparency. It says: 'These premises want our customers to be reassured that strict hygiene protocols are being followed and that you can trust us.'

Use our off-the shelf  Cleaning solution or tailor this to your business requirements.


Place Clean by Checkmate tags around key areas of your business and staff simply tap the inspection tag and complete the cleaning check using the mobile app.


Once all checks have been completed, tap the master LED signs to show the site has been rigorously cleaned and checked.


Notifications are sent for any checks missed and reports generated for any issues identified so they can be quickly addressed.

What is ‘Clean by Checkmate’?

The standard of cleanliness and hygiene expected to prevent infection transmission. It’s what should be done to give the best chance of NOT becoming a site where a person picked up an infection.

Every business should have a Plan, which they Self Accredit as suitable to achieve the intention of preventing transmission of germs and contagious virus. It will include both physical distancing and hygiene practices. While many businesses face similar challenges, every business must consider their circumstances and write and manage their Plan accordingly.

‘Clean by Checkmate’ is the high standard of cleaning actions a business undertakes to perform at the various points in their premises, and the frequency of those cleaning activities.